I have a great passion for sound. I love the sounds of everyday life, the sounds that come from nature and from people. I am fascinated about the combination of ancient sounds, like the sea or the wind, and musical instruments, voices and technology. I like impure sounds, tainted with something. Sounds from different worlds connecting with each other.

I love sounds, old and new, fashionable and unfashionable. The light and the heavy, the grim and the joyful. The fast and the boring. The known and the unknown. The tasty and the smelly. The decent and the daring. The rational and the mystical. The dazzling and the trashy. The proper. The silly. The ill. The fluffy. They all live together.

Here is some of my life as it was recorded with a zoom recorder:

  • A winter trip on the streets of Bucharest
  • Distorted sounds in a pool 
  • Sax Music meets Slow Train 
  • Old man playing the accordion playing on the shore
  • Countryside noises
  • Muezzin Kosovo: the call to prayer in Prizren
  • Early morning in Prezren, Kosovo
  • Flute concert in the underground


Sea, Sax and Seagulls – a podcast in English I did about the sax player I met in Brighton

Radio Romania Cultural – Interviu Comment Ca Va – Poveste din Kosovo – 5 minutes story in Romanian about my trip in Kosovo

Radio Romania Cultural – Interviu Comment Ca Va – Poveste din Scotia – another 5 minutes story about Scotland


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