sound passion

I live in Bucharest which I now came to consider my “home base”. I travel around quite a lot, write, record sounds and take photos.  I publish articles both in English and Romanian.

I also do communication work for a British rehab clinic thanks to which I’m learning about the human brain more than ever.

This is my personal blog, where I write about things I read, listen or observe and feel like sharing.

I also like to quote from Big Lebowski.

If you want to keep in touch, write to me at manuela.boghian(at) or find me on TwitterFacebook and Google+


2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Joe C said

    Hello Manuela, I read your article about agnostics in recovery. You quote a friend of mine in recovery, Jowita whose book DRUNK MOM came out shortly after your April agnostic article.

    I am writing to you to bring another book to your attention. Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life (Rebellion Dogs Publishing) came out in 2013 also. Released in both eBook and print-on-demand (Amazon), over 1,100 copies are now owned by nonbelievers in recovery in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and the UK.

    There are daily reflection books for women, young people, men, newcomers and codependents. Finally, we have a daily devotional for nonbelievers, freethinkers and everyone. If you’d like to review a copy let me know what format you’d like ePub, Kindle (movi) or paperback and I will send you one.

    Check it out (along with The Little Book: A Collection of Alternative 12 Steps) here:

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